Units in the United Kingdom

  • Commonwealth Headquarters


Mountbatten Coat of Arms

Commonwealth Headquarters are the command and control centre for CountessĀ Mountbatten’s Own Legion of Frontiersmen world wide. The Legion of Frontiersmen was formed in London in 1904, and management of this world wide organisation has always remained in the United Kingdom.




  • City of London and Colour Squadron

city of london copy

City of London

The City of London and Colour Squadron maintains the Colours for The Countess Mountbatten’s Own Legion of Frontiersmen, and attends all the Ceremonials as the colour party. It prides itself on its drill, as well as providing manpower as and when required for emergencies.




Welch Squadron

Based in South Wales, the squadron is well placed to manage the Countess Mountbatten’s Own adventurous training as well as access to the Wye Valley and the Brecon Beacons, the Squadron arranges regular shooting at Bisley each year.

The squadron is also well placed to respond in times of emergencies when there is flooding in the west country.




  • Mounted Troop


Based in Bristol, mounted troop continue the traditions of the Frontiersmen being Mounted Infantry, they train and compete at high levels in skill at arms on horseback, including tent pegging with lance and sword, and the use of pistol on horseback.

Mounted troop have led the Frontiersmen in the rescue of equines and built up a great relationship with the RSPCA, the Fire Brigade and the Local Authorities in this area of resilience

  • Selsea Troop

Formerly one of the biggest units in the United Kingdom Selsea Troop is in the process of rebuilding, it is responsible for the Frontiersmen involvement in Shoreham Air Show each year which brings in essentialĀ  funds to pay for training and equipment