8th September 2022

All members of Countess Mountbatten’s Own Legion of Frontiersmen were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, all of whom having sworn allegiance to and served throughout their time in CMO, her dedication and love for this country is admired by all and we strive to follow her path.

We send our sincere condolences to His Majesty King Charles III, and re-dedicate ourselves to his service.

January 2022 – Change of Commandant General

After an extended term due to the Corona Virus, Col. Nigel Peel stands down as Commandant General (CG) and the New CG, Col. Peter McMullan-Bell takes post, there will be a dining out and in of the two in January. 

2021 – Corona Virus Vaccinations

Many Frontiersmen took the opportunity to assist the NHS with the Vaccination program as both Vaccinators and helpers throughout the year.

 2020 – Corona Virus

Frontiersmen throughout the command are assisting local authorities with the delivery of food, essential supplies and drugs to those who cannot get out of their houses.
As part of Barking and Dagenham’s response to the Covid19 virus, City of London and Colour Squadron have deployed to a local church which forms the hub of support for those who cannot get out. The council receive calls which they filter and forward to the Frontiersmen for their action. This will continue as long as is viable in these uncertain times.

June 2019 – Barking Fire

Having a large number of the City of London and Colour Squadron living in the borough of Barking and Dagenham when some were requested to assist the Red Cross, we were able to provide a team and an ambulance for the immediate response in providing clothing, food and shelter for the victims of this disaster. The Frontiersmen provided continuity over the week after the disaster as well as providing financial support. One of our members story can be read here:

July 2019 – Review

The Legion of Frontiersmen spent a day demonstrating their Frontiersmen skills, including First Aid, Skill at Arms on Horseback and other equestrian skills a lecture on the History of the Frontiersmen, followed by a parade and medal presentation.

 January 2019 – Frontiersmen called to assist RSPCA on major operation

Following previous successful operations with the RSPCA (see below, we provided Frontiersmen from City of London and Colour Squadron, Mounted Troop, Home Command and Welch Command for this operation. Asked at the last moment, we were able to assist with Bio Security, Traffic Management, Catering and other Services on an ad hoc basis, to the RSPCA, Police, Fire Brigade and various animal charities. Our previous experience with working with horses continues to make us a useful asset to the emergency services.

August 2018 – Dining in of new Patron

On the 5th August 2018, we dined in our new patron Lady Penelope Knatchbull the 3rd Countess Mountbatten of Burma in the Mountbatten Room, The Royal Automobile Club.

June 2017 – Death of our Patron

It is with heavy heart we have to announce the death of Lady Patricia Knatchbull, 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma who died on 13th June 2017 aged 93.

June 2017 – Grenfell Tower
In Conjunction with the British Red Cross, members of Countess Mountbatten’s Own Legion of Frontiersmen who were also Red Cross volunteers assisted in the collection and distribution of clothing and necessities to those who had suffered in this disaster.

July 2016, 17, 18 and 19, – Frontiersmen Support Blind Veterans 100k walk

To raise funds for ex-servicemen who face blindness, Blind Veterans UK arrange this 100K walk/run from London to Brighton, this gruelling challenge is taken up by people from all walks of life, serving, ex-service and non service men and women all raising money for this great charity. The Legion of Frontiersmen provide first aid at the half way point, for both body and soul. With the use of the Ambulance we were able to transport more serious casualties to hospital if needed.

June 2016, 17 and 18 – Frontiersmen Provide traffic Marshalling and First Aid for Armed Forces Day Parade and Fete

Chingford Branch Royal British Legion Annual Armed Forces Day Parade and Fete required traffic marshalling and First Aid for the day, Frontiersmen provided a team of seven Frontiersmen to marshal the parade, and for the remainder of the day provide first aid cover.

June 2016, 17 and 18 – Frontiersmen Provide First Aid support for the Combined Irish RegimentsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Every year the Combined Irish Regiments hold their annual remembrance day parade in Whitehall in front of the cenotaph, in 2015 they asked the Legion of Frontiersmen if they could provide first aid cover for this event. Having established a team of first aiders with the minimum qualification of “First aid at Work” and obtaining insurance for carrying out such duties the Frontiersmen have been able to provide this facility for a number of years now. In 2015 Savoy Ventures loaned us an ambulance for this duty, this year we were able to deploy with our own given to us by Savoy Ventures.

June 2016 – Frontiersmen Receive New AmbulanceFB_IMG_1465139418052

In June, Savoy Ventures donated to the Frontiersmen an ambulance to assist them in their work both in supporting the government and to assist ex-servicemen with their parades by providing first aid cover at no cost to themselves, we cannot thank Savoy Ventures enough for their generosity and continued support.

March 2016 – Operation Unified Response25106379090_9b16d91c25_o

Frontiersmen assisted in the biggest exercise organised by the London Fire  Brigade to test their response in the event of a major underground crash, Frontiersmen were to act as casualties being dressed and being made up to look like they were injured. The unit was held back on the exercise to be placed in the final carriage which had another on top of it and partly concealed by concrete. the fire service had to cut there way through the concrete and the roof of the tube carriage and extricate the passengers. We were then taken through triage and into the NHS system.


August 2015 – Shoreham Air Show

Every year the Frontiersmen carry out the security and traffic management at all of the gates of Shoreham Air Show, this year there was an horrific air crash with 11 fatalities, the Frontiersmen were within 500M of the crash, and having secured the gate provided first aid to the walking wounded who started to arrive. we provided two first aiders to the quickly established reception centre, and supported the emergency services throughout the remainder of the day. We also had 4780 cars to get off the site and having lost the main entrance/exit, we had to arrange a route across the airfield out of one of the crash gates. needless to say it was a long day, but throughout it all our thoughts were with those who would not go home and the families that would be waiting for them.

August 2015 – Assistance to the RSPCA and Police in Bristol


After our operation in 2013, we were requested by the RSPCA to assist in the collection of both Equine and Bovine from a farm in the Bristol area. we were able to manage the vehicle movements, provide food and drink for all of the 50 staff on the operation throughout the day, and provide both physical and Bio-security to the site. It rained all day, but continuous tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches (with minor vegetarian option) the work was carried out as cheerfully as could be.


January 2014 – to present day – Start of our support for the Royal Hospital Chelsea

Chelsea Hospital – The City of London and Colour Squadron start their monthly duties and The Royal Hospital Chelsea, assisting in-pensioners that are less able to get out and about, and having a film show. It is hoped that this ongoing work will build relationships with the in-pensioners and individual Frontiersmen.

February/March 2014 to Present day

The Nuts Challenge – Frontiersmen from the City of London and Colour Squadron assist in Marshalling, First Aid and Communications for what is described as the Hardest Assault Course in Britain, Over 7Km of obstacles. Camping on the Site, it was hard work, and very wet and muddy, but the donation received will assist in the purchase of equipment for the Squadron.

what is described as the Hardest Assault Course in Britain, Over 7Km of obstacles. Camping on the Site, it was hard work, and very wet and muddy, but the donation received will assist in the purchase of equipment for the Squadron.

November 2013

Biggest horse rescue to date

Biggest horse rescue to date

Assistance to the Vale of Glamorgan Council – As well as our normal Ceremonial Duties as part of Remembrance, All units of UK Command deployed to assist the RSPCA, Police and the Vale of Glamorgan Council in what was the biggest rescue of horse the country has seen, with many of the horses being in such bad condition they had to be put down. It was very emotional work and involved rounding up the horses for the vets to assess them, moving them onto transport, as well as providing teas and coffees to all the agencies involved and security during the night.