Resilience Training

This training is essential for us to carry out our primary task of supporting the Government in times of need, whilst some frontiersmen are involved individually with various search and rescue teams, as a body our main task in times of emergency is to assist in the rescue and safe return of equines.

Working with Horses

As a major part of our role in Assisting Local Authorities with the Rescue and care of horses in times of Emergency. The Frontiersmen train to achieve the British Horse Society Care For Horses Qualification. This is carried out with the aid of Mounted Troop who assist the RSPCA and the Fire service with the Rescues, whilst other units train to look after rescued equine until they can be collected, and with logistic tasks such as traffic control whilst the Emergency Services are dealing with rescues

Survival Training

To ensure that the Frontiersmen are not an additional burden during an emergency, we spend time training deployment in different circumstances to ensure that we can be individually self-sufficient for at least the first 48hrs and until our own logistics support arrives

First Aid

Again, to ensure that we are not a burden, each frontiersmen will train in First Aid with the aim that he should achieve a minimum of the First Aid at Work Qualification. It is then hoped that he will progress and add additional recognised first aid qualifications within the Frontiersmen

Radio Proceedure

Communications is an essential part of what we do, and we address this in two separate ways, All Frontiersmen carry out basic radio procedure training ensuring we can communicate efficiently in times of emergency, and on top of that they are encouraged to train with the Frontiersmen to obtain their OFCOM amateur radio licence which many have done so.