About us

The Modern Frontiersmen

Mission Statement:

“ …to support Commonwealth Command in its aims, to assist the Government in times of need where possible, to assist ex-servicemen through the support of and assistance to service charities. To never turn away when someone is in need”


“Because we believe for evil to flourish it only takes one good man to do nothing, and we are committed to not being that man.”


“The Legion of Frontiersmen is a civilian organisation which recruits predominantly but not exclusively from the ex-service community, we train and equip ourselves at our own expense so as not to be a burden on those we try to assist.

We are a non-political and non-discriminatory organisation responding to today’s modern challenges with traditional values.”

“We retain our founders ethos of being an organisation formed for fellowship and to assist the government in times of need”

The aim of the Legion of Frontiersmen, remains that we can offer our services to the Government in times of need, Currently we provide manpower and expertise to assist local authorities in times of flooding and emergency to assist in the rescue of horses and other equines.

To assist us in providing a service and not being a burden, we train in skills which will be of use, these include technical skills such as British Horse Society Care for Horses, Radio procedure, first aid and man management as well as personal development skills such as survival training, canoeing, sailing and shooting. We pride ourselves in our foot drill, with monthly drill sessions, carried out by qualified ex-army drill instructors or by the Regular Army.

We parade in the traditional uniform of the frontiersmen, with either the Stetson (from our founders time in the North-West Mounted Police) or our tan utility dress with Russet Beret so we are not confused with regular Army. We wear the Pendant of the 3rd Belgium Lancers, with whom the Frontiersmen of H Troop served at the start of the First World War as well as Crown Issued or authorised medals we may have received when serving our country.

We pride ourselves with our turnout, as an indication of our self discipline and respect for others.